Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Absolute Tanning Kalispell Montana and the Flathead Valley
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Come visit us!  Feel the difference in our Sunbeds.  

A clean environment is one of our top priorities! Help us maintain the highest standards by kindly removing shoes before entering your room.

Absolute Sun Tanning in Kalispell Montana


High Pressure Beds filter out 98% UVB allowing most skin types to tan nearly the full session with a minimal risk of overexposure, while producing the fastest tan possible that lasts the longest. Don't settle for imitation high performance, or high intensity.  Did we mention this bed massages during your 30 minute session?



Too busy for a 30 minute session? i Sun is the bed for you. This radical, futuristic design is open, inviting, and completely unique. Like Kush, this high pressure bed provides a powerful experience that gives long-lasting color in half the time.



Perhaps the best tanning bed ever made!  Providing Plateau Busting color that is unprecedented.  Featuring Hybrid performance technology lamps for a perfect tan with younger looking skin. Welcome to your Novus Stella.




Another hybrid bed providing Plateau Busting color that is unprecedented.  A perfect collision of tanning and collegen producing lamps giving you a perfect tan and younger looking skin.




Pure beauty.  Pure simplicity.  PureEnergy perfection.  Just say no to tan lines!  True 360° coverage with Intelligent bodyCool helps maintain a soothing zone.  Another Hybrid bed giving you a perfect tan and younger looking skin  The only thing more impressive than it's design is your results.



The perfect combination of tanning technology and value. A Color enhansing sunbed that is amost 2x as powerful as our basic bed.  Being irresistible is your best accessory, let Polaris be your shinning star.    


The perfect solution for tanning those stubborn legs!  Delivers a 360° rich golden tan.  Did we mention you won't even have to get undressed?

Absolute Sun Tanning Kalispell Beds


Escape from your daily routine.  Relax in this traditional 20 minute Sunbed.

"Levels" at each salon are based at the discretion of the owner(s). 

We determine your skin type and desired tanning results to recommend what bed best fits you.  Therefore we do not utilitze the traditional "Levels".


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